Welcome to Gallery DeForest, the gallery featuring Cathy DeForest's artists' books and the letterpress work of Jubilation Press.

Cathy DeForest is a book artist who works in a broad range of media integrating etchings, letterpress printing and photography into her artist books. To view or purchase her work, click on a category and then click on individual items.

Cathy’s work is part of national and international collections including:

The Honourable Thabo Mbeki, 
Past President of the Republic of South Africa
The Florean Museum of Romania
The Achenbach Collection,
Fine Arts Museum of SF
Library of Congress
El Museo Etnohistórico de Artesanías del Ecuador
The Oakland Museum
Amherst College
Brown University
Reed College
Swarthmore College
Univ of California Santa Barbara
University of Miami
University of Michigan
University of New Mexico
University of Oregon
University of Pittsburgh
University of Washington
Yale University
The Book Club of California
The New York Public Library
The San Francisco Public Library

Cathy has a Ph.D. in Organization Development. She worked in this field for 14 years with large corporations and several universities. Her art work is exhibited and sold internationally. Cathy has been teaching and mentoring students since 1969. After 26 years in the San Francisco Bay area and founding a gallery in the Bay area, Cathy moved to Ashland, Oregon to found Gallery DeForest. The intention of her work is to evoke meaning through color and form, connecting the viewer with a sense of truth and beauty.


“The expression of beauty in image and word is my primary source of inspiration. Over the past nineteen years, I have created a body of work that follows the themes of beauty, intimacy, and illumination.

I love beauty. I am moved by the ordinary and the extraordinary in nature and in human kind. Sometimes I will weave the beauty of a dancer and an ancient poem into a book in order to evoke the qualities present in each thing. Often I find an object in a foreign country that seems to have a story that yearns to be told. Whenever I can, I create art that evokes a response and brings its beauty forward.

Intimacy I love to celebrate the essence of life. Whether I am focusing on the detail of an indigenous woman's hands or the curve of a river, I intuitively choose words and forms to reflect their core. My intention with my artist books is to express the essence of my subject and draw the viewer into an intimate relationship with the art.

Illumination I am fascinated with illumination in the natural, poetic and artistic world. I letterpress print poetry that moves the spirit and I create artist books that shed light on subjects sometimes missed in today's modern world: the essence of boys, the handwork of women, the inner play of hope and despair.

The intention of each of my art pieces whether they be in the form of artist books, etchings, or photography is to create beauty and reflect essence.”




Musings: A Tribute To Those Who Sew

Napa Tree

Musings: A Tribute To Those Who Sew

Dickman: The Mysterious Human Heart

Let Me Dance

Salutation To Ancestors

Thich Nhat Hanh: Vow

Infrared Shadows

Ferlinghetti: Wake Up The World Is On Fire!

Hidden and Revealed

Centennial Portrait

Ink and Blood by Cathy DeForest for the Al-Mutanabbi Street Project

Antique Portfolios

YET: artist book by Cathy DeForest

Portrait: William Stafford

Portrait: William Stafford Aphorisms

Hidden and Revealed: Stafford Aphorisms

Derek Pyle: Dumpster Meditation